License / Orders

This site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License

The license agreements of the Creative Commons License apply to those contents of the Arachne portal and the Arachne object database which are visualised in our website and are only accessible from here. Contents that can merely be accessed in an indirect connection with our web site Arachne (e.g. high-resolution printable scans) are subject to different regulations that do not pertain to the Creative Commons License. These regulations are explained in context with the transaction of images after a purchase or in the contact form.


To order pictures as publication models, refer to the original models for the pictures desired:

  1. Scans from books (images with negative number "Repro") or copies from other picture archives or museums (images with negative number "ohne Angabe" or "Museum") can neither be ordered over the online ordering system nor by contact form. These images have to be requested from the individual owners.
  2. Scans of negatives of the German Archaeological Institute (generally images whose negative numbers start with the abbreviations D-DAI or INR) can be ordered via the German Archaeological Institute. To do that please contact one of the following email addresses depending on the abbreviation of the location used in the filename. Please keep in mind that the designations for the locations use their German name while doing so:
  3. Scans of negatives from the Research Archive for Ancient Plaster(generally images whose negative numbers start with the abbreviations FA, FA-S, FA-Kae, Oehler, Fitt, or Mal) can be ordered via the contact form under the following conditions (according to the media-price-list of the DAI):

      The following prices merely refer to the development charges for those cases in which the requested image material is not published, or is published solely for scientific purposes. In all other cases the prices for the right to publish the image can be conveyed after request. Note: The pictures have to be paid for in advance. The methods of payment are stated on the bill. Unfortunately credit cards can currently not be accepted. Furthermore a voucher copy is requested. The permanent link of the corresponding record is to be used for the list of illustrations. (e.g.:

    • Image research and image choice according to orders of at least 30€ (minimum price by effort; does not apply for image orders with description of Arachne serial number and negative number)
    • Shipment as file via e-mail-attachment (preparation for download)
      printable scan, at least 300dpi TIFF
      5€ per image
    • Shipment per CD/DVD
      file (printable scan, 300dpi TIFF)
      30€ per order
    • image as manuscript for digital print in photo-quality
      20€ per image
    • Scans of not yet digitalized negatives/copies by request
      30€ each