Arachne-Usage increased by 80 % in 2011

In our attempts to use Google Analytics according to the rules of German Data Protection Laws we started to analyze Arachne's usage in 2011. The first results for 2011 show that there has been a dramatic increase of traffic, that hopefully will be the base of ongoing and deepening research - under the strict application of data-anonymization. So on this page there will be an ongoing increase of analyzed aspects. We want to get closer to the essence of what happens in places like Arachne, to be able to better support it. Based on the amount of traffic and diversity, the Arachne-traffic can become an exemplary case for understanding the use of web resources like these.

After the increased usage of Arachne in the year 2009, 2010 was a year of consolidation. We wrongly expected 2011 to be not much different, until we saw the numbers. The 82.000 visits (complete database sessions) from 2010 went up to 140.000 visits in 2011, which is an enhancement of around 73%.

A Detailed View

In a detailed analysis of the user statistics, we can monitor increasing numbers in different fields.

Unique Visitors

The number of 37.857 unique visitors in the year 2010 up to 70.528 visitors in 2011 which is an increase of 87 %.
The main reason seems to be the introduction of the english userinterface, that triggered a lot of additional traffic from many places, as can be seen below. The stronger, but still increasable integration with Wikipedia shows some specific effects, too.

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Traffic Sources

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