The complete catalog of sculptures in the Antikensammlung der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin (Antiquities Collection of the Berlin State Museums)

Notes to the User

On technical and editorial grounds, the complete collection is not yet searchable online (as of August 2013). The objects remaining to be added, primarily from the storerooms, will soon be made available.

The complete catalog of sculptures in the Antiquities Collection of the State Museums of Berlin contains approximately 2,600 Greek, Cypriot, Etruscan, and Roman sculptures in stone, as well as several large bronzes. Some of these pieces are now lost, but nevertheless have been included in the catalog. The detailed research texts retain the character of a traditional sculpture catalog. Online publication, however, allows these to be augmented by the various advantages of electronic media: texts and images of individual objects are linked to comparanda and reproductions, as well as architectural and topographic contexts. Moreover, monuments with multiple parts are optimally represented – since smaller fragments, often still unpublished, are now linked to each other. The user therefore has manifold opportunities to engage with the Berlin sculptures.


The sculptures of the Berlin Antiquities Collection can be directly searched using the search bar on the dedicated home page of the catalog within the Arachne database. Users may search by name for the author of an individual entry, by inventory number, or by a simple search in the designated search bar.
Alternatively, the Berlin sculptures can be accessed through the general search options targeting all objects assembled in the Arachne database.

Context browser

The records for the Berlin sculptures are linked to other objects and relevant data, including collection history, topography, and post-antique reception (reproductions, digitized archives, prints and other works on paper). These are accessible through the context browser.


We recommend the following citation format for individual catalog entries:

Example: A. Fendt, Unterlebensgroße weibliche Statue (Sk 592), in: Antikensammlung Berlin (ed.), Gesamtkatalog der Skulpturen (Cologne 2013), (01.07.2013)

Photograph/Publication permissions

The photographs on ARACHNE may not be reproduced in publications. To order photographs for publication, please contact the Antiquities Collection of the State Museums of Berlin: (subject: “Berliner Skulpturennetzwerk”)