The complete catalog of sculptures in the Antikensammlung der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin (Antiquities Collection of the Berlin State Museums)

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The complete catalog of sculptures in the Antikensammlung der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin (Antiquities Collection of the Berlin State Museums) contains approximately 2,600 Greek, Cypriot, Etruscan, and Roman sculptures in stone, as well as several large bronzes (including both extant objects and those now lost). The catalog is based on a full-scale reexamination of these objects conducted by Das Berliner Skulpturennetzwerk (“The Berlin Sculpture Network”) in 2009-2012. Already in 2011, the bronzes in the Antiquities Collection (8,277 individual objects, including those lost in the war) were made publicly available in the online database Antike Bronzen in Berlin.

Some 2,600 objects from the Berlin Antiquities Collection have been newly photographed from multiple viewpoints and supplemented with historical photographs and documentation of restoration. Numerous sculptures stood before the camera lens for the very first time. In addition, over one hundred researchers contributed new, detailed texts. Special attention was devoted to investigating context, which led to many new discoveries through intensive archival research; this also enabled a thorough examination of the sculptures’ original display contexts and post-antique reception. The sculpture from Pergamon and Magnesia on the Meander underwent special scrutiny, as their excavation documentation was systematically inspected.

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From the Antiquities Collection of the State Museums of Berlin: Andreas Scholl (project management); Martin Maischberger (application for funding); Johanna Auinger, Annika Backe-Dahmen, Astrid Fendt, Ralf Grüßinger, Mathias René Hofter, Sabine Neumann (coordination, editing, research); Ulrike Papadopoulos (assistant editing); Johannes Laurentius (photography); Wolfgang Maßmann, Sophie Haake-Harig, Pia Lehmann, Astrid Will (supervision of restoration), Jörg Kleemann, Oliver Vollert (storeroom administration); Jana Beutler, Maria Goinis, Lukas Grzona, Anja Küttner, Maria Lubitz, Annine Manz-Fuchs, Janina Rücker, Laila Sack, Janine Schlüter (student assistant). Stephanie Pearson (University of California Berkeley) kindly translated the present introduction into English.

From the Digital Archaeology Laboratory of the Archaeological Institute at the University of Cologne: Reinhard Förtsch (project management); Gisela Geng, Philipp Groß, Michael Remmy (photography); Johanna Fuchs, Patrick Gunia, Isabella Hodgson, Alexander Recht, Marcel Riedel, Louise Rokohl, Mahtab Salmannia, Marlene Scholz, Karen Schwane, Benjamin Gelhaar, Andreas Serifis, Jacqueline Klitzsch (research/student assistant).

Special thanks go to the authors cited in individual catalog records – especially those at external institutions – who freely donated their time and expertise for this ambitious project.

The sculpture catalog and The Berlin Sculpture Network were made possible by funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Rolf Geserick, Project Manager of the Deutsches Luft- und Raumfahrtzentrum (German Aerospace Center) (DLR) in Bonn, was very helpful during all phases of the project, from inception to completion.