The Foundation of Rhine-Westphalia Economy Archive of Cologne

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The Foundation of Rhine-Westphalia Economy Archive of Cologne (RWWA) has a collection of about 15,000 glass negatives from the late 19th until the middle of the 20th century. Among them there are such of well-known industrial photographers.
These glass negatives, as well as more images, were submitted to the RWWA together with other file material from various companies and are thus part of the historical sources which should be provided to the scientific research. They could be examined on issues regarding the history of technology, every-day-life, culture and of society. Furthermore, studies about history of art, of architecture and of photography are also possible and desirable. Especially in the field of history of modern technology they are one of the few, if not the only source. They show people at their workplace, production methodes, machines and products, as well as architectural or industrial plants. Therefore, these records are also of importance for industrial archeology.