About Arachne Interfaces

In order to guarantee highest data interoperability the Arachne database provides its data mapped to several metadata formats delivered through different application interfaces.

Books via OAI-PMH

The contents of the Arachne bookbrowser can be harvested via an OAI-PMH interface based on jOAI serialized in METS/MODS.

The base URI of the interface is:

For specifications see:

Arachne Atom Feeds

As a low level access we offer an Atom-based data interface for all of the data in Arachne. The widely accepted Atom Syndication format provides a relatively simple approach to interoperability and is easily accessible through many different sorts of clients.

Our service allows querying our full-text index and provides paged feeds of the search results. These results include the title, the persistent identifier and location, and the date of the last modification and therefore are independent of any complex metadata format.

In the near future the interface will be expanded to include several extensions described in the Open Search Standard, such as relevance scoring and geospatial and time-based query options.

The Atom Interface can be accessed at the URL:

Example: Basilica Aemilia

Pelagios Arachne cooperation Results

"PELAGIOS stands for 'Pelagios: Enable Linked Ancient Geodata In Open Systems' - its aim is to help introduce Linked Open Data goodness into online resources that refer to places in the Ancient World." see

In cooperation with the Pelagios Project Arachne places where cross referenced with Pleiades in Linked Open Data way. The reference dataset that is used by Pelagios is Pleiades. The Dataset that has been created for this Purpose is an series of RDF triples using the OAC standard.

These OAC triples describe the connections between Arachne Places to Pleiades Places and Arachne Objects to Pleiades Places.

To see how this has been achieved read the Pelagios blog entries 1, 2 .


The Arachne Pleiades matching has been improved and now features VoID Dataset Descriptions.

The Change has been documented in these Blogposts:

Improving the Arachne-Pleiades matching
Arachne Void descriptions

new download 09.05.2012

old download 18.08.2011