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The photographical stocks held by the head office at Berlin reflect the importance of its role within the overall structure of the DAI over the last hundred years. Support to the scientific community through the management of libraries, archives and the coordination of publications was always regarded as of great a concern as the research done by the academic staff. In contrast to the departments abroad the stocks have not come from campaigns for photographs and systematic collecting.


A systematic photo library was installed in the 1980s mainly for the purpose of integrating the scholarly archive and material from casual donations. As a consequence, the content varies widely, but there are a reasonable number of images on vase painting, sculpture, lamps and topography. Among the scholarly bequests are those of Th. Wiegand, O. Reuther, F. Noack, B. Schweitzer, G. Loeschke, A. Schiff, K. Ronczewski. Around 13 700 prints have been catalogued and made accessible via a systematic index.


Due to organizational reasons, the use of the photo archive is possible only as part of the use of the library. Access by appointment only. Large parts of the photographic material from the scholarly bequests have been made accessible online via the Arachne database.


Prints or scans can be applied for via In Arachne there is also the possibility of ordering reproductions of the images displayed. Services and fees are based mainly on the DAI's mission to support scholarly research, according to the DAI's guidelines for photographic services. In general, the use of these images is strictly bound by the general terms and conditions for the use of photographical materials (PDF only in German).


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