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The Istanbul Department of the German Archaeological Institute was founded in 1929. Its photo archive is made up primarily of black-and-white photographs of Turkey, its population, architecture and archaeological artefacts. Its holdings consist of approx. 120,000 photos from the period 1880 - 2007, including 65,000 negative originals. In contrast to the historical photographs from the 19th and early 20th centuries, in recent decades the image collection policy has focused on building up a comprehensive a visual documentation of Turkey's archaeological monuments. The archives of the Department's major excavation projects are for the most part not kept in Istanbul but at the university and research institutes which conduct the ongoing work: images from the Miletus excavation (in Bochum), Didyma (Berlin and Halle), Hattuşa (only historical photographs in Berlin), Priene (only new photos in Frankfurt) and Aizanoi (only new photos in Berlin).

The photo archive of the German Archaeological Institute has the task of sorting and preserving the images it holds and making them available to the public. To this end, the DAI supplies researchers with image material, and grants commercial users the right to reproduce images.

Inventory and Focus

The photo archive of the Istanbul Department contains photographs arranged in the following broad categories:

1. Archaeological finds in the museums of Turkey
2. Archaeological sites in the various regions of Turkey
3. Historical buildings of Byzantion/Constantinople/Istanbul
4. Population of Turkey and its way of life over the centuries


•  dealing with requests (research and selection of images in accordance with orders)
•  making prints and scans; digital image transmission (print quality) on request
•  clarifying questions of copyright and exploitation rights

Using the archive

For private, scientific, and commercial users.

Costs and charges vary according to the proposed use.

Bestellformular / Photo Order Form (PDF, 63 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 68 KB)
Preisliste für Photoerwerbung und Publikationsgebühren (PDF)
Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen für Bilderwerb und Bildrechte (PDF)


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