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Prof. Dr. Carola Reinsberg, Dr. Arne Thomsen

The Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of the Saarland possesses a small teaching collection containing originals of antique craftwork as well as plaster-casts of ancient sculpture. About 100 plaster-casts and almost 300 original objects offer an exemplary overview of antique art and culture and improve studying by being able to immediately view the objects and thereby learn in step with actual practice.

The collection of plaster-casts, a traditional tool for academic teaching, enables students to comprehend the main features of the development of Greek sculpture from the archaic up to the hellenistic period by central works of art and help recognize main aspects of antique statuary. Greek and Roman portraits give an insight into portrait art.

The publication in Arachne makes the casts of the collection of Saarbrücken available to students, scientists and the interested public without being bound by the location. By integrating them into the image-database and into a pool of virtual collections it is possible to view each single statue in a dense art historical context. The archival contextualization was only manageable in cooperation with the Research Archive for Ancient Sculpture. With the help of Arachne's system it offered it offered a basis for the digital presentation of the Plaster-cast Collection of Saarbrücken, which foots on the images of the Institute's master of photography Hans Dieter Morche.