Fasanerie Castle (Adolphseck) near Fulda

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Prof. Dr. Ralf von den Hoff

Catalogue of the Ancient Sculptures in the Fasanerie Castle (Adolphseck) near Fulda.

Among furniture, porcelain and paintings, Fasanerie Castle (Adolphseck) in Eichenzell near Fulda also features a collection of Greco-Roman sculpture, which was assembled by Landgrave Philipp of Hesse (1896-1980). It had been housed in the Landgrave-Museum in Kassel since 1935. After this was destroyed during the war, it was transferred to the Fasanerie Castle, its current residence, in 1951. Here it is under the supervision of the “Hessische Hausstiftung”. The Greek vases were published in two volumes of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum while the 57 portraits appeared in a catalogue in 1957. The left-over 88 marble and limestone sculptures however tend to be side-lined by science, even though it is one of the few private collections in Germany that have survived the 2nd World War undamaged and was not merged into another museum stock. Aside from the colossal head of a cult statue from the early 5th cent. BC and attic grave reliefs, the inventory also holds Roman copies of works from the 4th cent. BC and the Hellenistic period. There are fragments of Roman sarcophagi and historic reliefs as well as interior artefacts of the Roman Imperial era and a series of partly well kept buildings in architectural probes, which can be allocated to Rome. The project aims to make the holdings of one of the most significant private collections of Greek and Roman sculpture in Germany available to science by photographically documenting and scientifically processing them. The study of the genesis of a private collection and of the related special form of interest in antiquity during the 20th century will be of concern of collector's history.

Photo-campaign funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

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