ISSN 1867-2787

The service of is operated by a syndicate of the following institutions:

German Archaeological Institute (DAI)
Podbielskiallee 69-71
14195 Berlin
Tel: 01888 77 11 0
Fax: 01888 77 11 191

The German Archaeological Institute is a scientific institution of the confederation in the business area of the Department of Foreign Affairs. It is represented by president Prof. Dr. Friederike Fless.

Archaeological Institute
University of Cologne
50923 Köln
Tel: +49 (0) 221 - 470 5713

The Archaeological Institute of the University of Cologne is represented by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Foertsch.

Arachne is administrated by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Foertsch.

Scientific advisory committee for Arachne

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Boschung

Prof. Dr. Greg Crane

Prof. Dr. Ortwin Dally

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Foertsch

Prof. Dr. Henner von Hesberg

Prof. Dr. Donna Kurtz

Prof. Dr. Manfred Thaller