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171419: Päckchenplombe, Pyramide GR-Iraklion, Archäologisches Museum HMs 10/ 12

Kato Zakros, Haus A

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Object information: carrier of seal prints


Inventarnummer: HMs 10/ 12
Museum / Sammlung: GR-Iraklion, Archäologisches Museum


Country of discovery: Griechenland
Find spot: Kato Zakros, Sitias
Excavation site: Haus A
Find spot: Raum VII
Type of find spot: Haus
Context dating: SM IB

Form / Type:

Sealing form: Päckchenplombe, Pyramide

Linked seal print number 1

CMS - number: II,7 117

Linked seal print number 2

CMS - number: II,7 119

Linked seal print number 3

CMS - number: II,7 151