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157664: Siegel CMS I 422


Object information: seal


CMS-no.: I 422
Inventory no.: 4672
Museum/Collection: GR-Athen, Nationalmuseum


Country of discovery: Griechenland
Find spot: nein
Plot/Excavation site: nein
Find spot: nein
Type of find spot: nein
Context dating: nein
Area: Kreta


Seal form: Anhänger Konoid
Number of seal surfaces: 1
Seal surface curvature: plan
Seal surface outline: rund
Seal - minor side: undefinierbar
Type of perforation: unterhalb der Spitze

Material & Technique:

Material: Bein
Material group: Bein
Manufacturing technique: geschabt, gefeilt
Other details: nein

Measurements & Preservation:

Length: 1.35
Width: 1.3
Thickness: 2.5
Condition: normal
Fragment: nein

General information about decor:

Decor type: ornamental
Composition: Rapport
Group: nein
Plot: nein
Other decor: nein

Stylistic classification:

Stylistic group: nein
Stylistic dating: FM II-FM III
Chronological period: früh minoisch


Macro-ornament: Gittermuster
Standard ornament: Gitter


Lettering / Inscription: nein

Figurative motifs excepting creatures:

Topography: nein
Plants: nein
Symbols: nein
Furniture/Constructions: nein
Tools: nein