56, Attisch schwarzfigurige Vasen Beazley, ABV 296-716.. 1859-1877.

Rom, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Abteilung Rom

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56, Attisch schwarzfigurige Vasen Beazley, ABV 296-716...
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96 traced drawings and pencil drawings, some glued on paper and cardboard, in portfolio ; cm. 60,5 x 49 or smaller.
General note:
All folders dedicated to Greek vases (A-VII-54A to A-VII-65D), were rearranged by Adolf Greifenhagen between 1977 and 1981 according to their origin and style (Attic red and black-figure, Corinthian, Italic etcetera), or to Beazley’s work and by current location.
Subfolder 7 was created in 2012-2015 by cataloguer with four drawings from folder 55, probably inserted there by mistake.
Restricted: Material extremely fragile.
Drawings are arranged by Beazley ABV number and divided into 7 subfolders: 1-Beazley ABV 296-353. Other Pot-Painters; Some Signed Strays Plaques (items 001-040); 2-Beazley ABV 354-400. The Leagros Group; The Nikoxenos Painter and His Companions; Black Figured Vases By Red Figure Painters (items 041-066); 3-Beazley ABV 401-417. Some Very Late Standard Neck-Amphorae; Panathenaic Prize Amphorae (items 067-069); 4-Beazley ABV 418-451. Oinochoai (items 070-076); 5-Beazley ABV 452-587. Lekythos Painters (items 077-079); 6-Beazley ABV 588-678. Small Neck Amphorae; Kyathoi and Mastoids; Skyphoi; Late Cups; Miniature Vases; Kalos Names (items 080-092); 7-[Beazley, ABV 679-716] (items 093-096).
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Rom, Italien, IT, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Abteilung Rom, Archiv VII
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Athen (Regionalbezirk), Ancient place name: Athenae / Athēnai, Griechenland, GR, Athen
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J. D. Beazley, Attic Black-figure Vase-Painters (1956) 296-716;