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3117: Kopf der Niobe

Brocklesby Park, Slg. Yarborough

General Information on the Object

Presently located:

Brocklesby Park, Großbritannien und Nordirland, GB, Slg. Yarborough


Lord Exeter (vor 1800); Rom, Nollekens (bis wann?)

Category/Cultural Era/Function:

Belonging to monument: nein
Cultural era: römisch


Büste zugehörig ?


H 87,5 cm
Material: Marmor


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A. Michaelis, Ancient Marbles in Great Britain (Cambridge 1882) 227 Cat. no. 5;
A. H. Smith, A. Catalogue of Antiquities in the Collection of the Earl of Yarborough at Brocklesby Park (1897) 12 Cat. no. 5;

FA photo prints:

Forschungsarchiv für antike Plastik 960/5-9; 1156/4-10; 1157/1-4 Inst.Neg.Rom 6634; 6635 EA 4859