Stackelberg, Otto Magnus. Freiherr von, 1787-1837: [Unedierte Gräber von Corneto /. O.M. von Stackelberg und Kestner] [S.l. ca. 1800].

Corneto / Corneto, Viterbo (Provinz), Tarquinia

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Stackelberg, Otto Magnus.
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[Unedierte Gräber von Corneto /. O.M. von Stackelberg und Kestner]..
Place of publication:
Date of publication:
ca. 1800].
physical description:
[41] plates : engravings ; 57 cm.
General note:
Never published.
Title from paper slip bound with the plates.
Plates numbered I-XVIII, XX-XXIX, XXXa, XXXb, XXXI-XL.
Includes two identical plates nr. XXIX.
Plates signed: J. Thürmer, J. Mayër, O. von Stackelberg.
History of ownership:
On verso of pl. I stamp with indication "Instituto di Corrisp. Archeologica". On verso of plates stamp with indication "Institutum Archaeologicum Germanicum Roma"
Personal names:
Kestner, August.
Number of book pages:


Viterbo (Provinz), Ancient place name: Corneto / Corneto, Italien, IT, Tarquinia
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