Chandler, Richard. 1738-1810: Marmora oxoniensia.. Oxonii 1763.

Paros (Regionalbezirk), Paros

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Marmora oxoniensia...
Place of publication:
e typographeo Clarendoniano, impensis Academiae.
Date of publication:
Physical description
[4], vii, [3], xxi, [5] p., LIX l. of plates, 147, [3], xxvi p. : ill. by engravings ; 2° (54 cm).
Number of notes:
Plates numbered in three sequences. Pages 1-147 include the text and plates for parts 2 and 3; in this sections the plates are included in pagination.
Consists of three parts: Pars prima complectens marmora non inscripta; Pars secunda complectens inscriptiones aegyptias, unam citieam, palmyrenas, et graecas; Pars tertia complectens inscriptiones latinas cum nonnulius aliis.
Preface signed Ricardus Chandler.
Engr. t.-p. head and tail pieces; the full-page and engraved illustrations are called plates.
Engraved t.p. with imprimatur on verso; a variant is without the imprimatur.
Initials, head and tail pieces.
Type: italic, roman, and greek.
No signature.
Fingerprint: * stands for Greek character.
History of ownership
On t.p. stamp with indication "Instituto di Corrisp. Archeologica". On verso of plates stamp with indication "Institutum Archaeologicum Germanicum Roma". On front board paper ex libris depicting three putti, with initials "O-J“ and motto "Inter folia fructus"
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Paros (Regionalbezirk), Griechenland, GR, Paros
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Oxford, Großbritannien und Nordirland, GB
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