Chandler, Richard. 1738-1810: Marmora oxoniensia.. Oxonii 1763.

Paros (Regionalbezirk), Paros

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Marmora oxoniensia...
Place of publication:
e typographeo Clarendoniano, impensis Academiae.
Date of publication:
physical description:
[4], vii, [3], xxi, [5] p., LIX l. of plates, 147, [3], xxvi p. : ill. by engravings ; 2° (54 cm).
General note:
Plates numbered in three sequences. Pages 1-147 include the text and plates for parts 2 and 3; in this sections the plates are included in pagination.
Consists of three parts: Pars prima complectens marmora non inscripta; Pars secunda complectens inscriptiones aegyptias, unam citieam, palmyrenas, et graecas; Pars tertia complectens inscriptiones latinas cum nonnulius aliis.
Preface signed Ricardus Chandler.
Engr. t.-p. head and tail pieces; the full-page and engraved illustrations are called plates.
Engraved t.p. with imprimatur on verso; a variant is without the imprimatur.
Initials, head and tail pieces.
Type: italic, roman, and greek.
No signature.
Fingerprint: * stands for Greek character.
History of ownership:
On t.p. stamp with indication "Instituto di Corrisp. Archeologica". On verso of plates stamp with indication "Institutum Archaeologicum Germanicum Roma". On front board paper ex libris depicting three putti, with initials "O-J“ and motto "Inter folia fructus"
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Paros (Regionalbezirk), Griechenland, GR, Paros
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Oxfordshire (County), Großbritannien und Nordirland, GB, Oxford
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