Campanella, Angelo. 1746-1811: Pitture antiche della Villa Negroni.. [Rome 1778-1786].

Rom, Villa Montalto - Negroni - Massimo

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Pitture antiche della Villa Negroni...
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Camille Buti.
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physical description:
[1] l., 8 l. of plates : ill. by engravings ; atl. (85 x 68 cm).
General note:
The prints, engraved by Angelo Campanella and Pietro Marco Vitali, record antique murals that were discovered in 1777 in the ruins of an ancient villa on the site of the Villa Negroni in Rome. Derived from drawings by Anton Raphael Mengs and Anton von Maron, they incorporate in an architectural setting mythological scenes relating to Venus, Adonis, Hercules, Bacchus and Ariadne, and Minerva.
The Villa Negroni is also known as the Villa Peretti-Negroni and the Villa Montalto.
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History of ownership:
Watercolour glued on added l. of plate with indication: "Excellentissime Domino Friderico Comiti Bristoliensi &c. &c. aequo Bonarum Artium aestimatori, et Patrono Munificentissimo Parietinis Picturas inter Esquilias et Viminalem Collem anno 1777, detectas servata proportione in Tabulis expressas Camillus Buti Arch. Rom. D.D.D. Eq. Ant. Maron Ddel., Hier. Carattoni Sculp.". Handwritten note at foot: "1777 Anton von Maron px. (1733-1808) Prof. and des S. Luca Academie" On half-title page: stamp with indication "Instituto di Corrisp. Archeologica". On verso of plates: stamp with indication "Institutum Archeologicum Germanicum Roma"
Personal names:
Vitali, Pietro Marco. Mengs, Anton Raphael. Maron, Anton von.
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Rom, Italien, IT, Villa Montalto - Negroni - Massimo
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