Fabricius, Wolfgang Ambrosius. 1625-1653: Lucernae Veterum.. [Nuremberg 1653.

Roma, Rom (Metropolitanstadt), Rom

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Fabricius, Wolfgang Ambrosius.
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Lucernae Veterum...
Place of publication:
Date of publication:
physical description:
[4], 8 l. of plates : ill. by engravings ; 4° (21 cm).
General note:
8 plates, with descriptions, intended to illustrate the author's inaugural oration. Edited by his father, J. G. Fabricius.
Engraved t.p. at l. §1r.
The name of the authors and the date from l. §2r.
Woodcut initials.
Type: italic and roman.
Signature: §2.
History of ownership:
On front endpaper handwritten ownership note: "Braun". On t.p. handwritten notes. On front endpaper old call nr. (handwritten): "XLIX l. 45" On l. §2r stamp with indication "Instituto di Corrisp. Archeologica". On verso of plates stamp with indication "Institutum Archaeologicum Germanicum Roma"
Personal names:
Fabricius, Joannes Georgius.
Number of book pages:


Rom (Metropolitanstadt), Ancient place name: Roma, Italien, IT, Rom
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